Girls Fall/Winter Complete Mystery Set
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Girls Fall/Winter Complete Mystery Set

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    You ladies love this sale - It's our most popular one we do! It's one complete outfit - that's one complete Mystery! Here's the rules! 

    a. It will be Fall/Winter- this is season specific sale

    b. It can be anything 3/4 or long sleeve with pants or leggings including stripes, dots, patterns, florals, holiday or anything.  

    c. Only order if you really love a good mystery and prepared to gift if you don't like when you get it - we sell these so cheap - we don't accept returns/exchanges/exceptions or listen to complaints - we warn you up front - It really is for Mystery Lovers Only :)  

    There is a limit of 2 sets total per order. They usually sell out before everyone sees them!!!

    *****All Accessories Sold Separately****

    Fabric Content:
    Mixed - Mostly Cotton, Poly or Denim

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    Machine Wash Cold/Air Dry